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F55 Fusion MMA Training Gloves

F55 Fusion MMA Training Gloves

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Designed with a multi-discipline approach in mind, these gloves feature a lightweight yet robust construction, offering both the protection needed for striking and the flexibility required for grappling.


  • Multi-Discipline Design: The F55 Fusion MMA Training Gloves are expertly crafted to cater to the diverse needs of mixed martial artists, incorporating an open-palm design that maximises grip and dexterity. This essential feature allows athletes to switch effortlessly between striking and grappling, making the gloves ideal for drills, sparring, and competitions across multiple martial arts disciplines. The design promotes air circulation, keeping hands cool and reducing moisture build-up for a more comfortable and effective training session.
  • Layered Foam Padding: Engineered with advanced layered foam padding, these gloves provide comprehensive protection for the knuckles and back of the hand, crucial areas prone to injury during striking. The padding absorbs and disperses the force of impact, minimising the risk of bruises and strains. This protective layering ensures that fighters can train harder and longer, focusing on honing their skills without the distraction of hand discomfort or injury.
  • Adjustable Wrist Strap: Featuring a robust and adjustable wrist strap, these training gloves offer a personalised fit and the necessary support. The strap system is designed to wrap securely around the wrist, providing stabilisation that helps prevent injuries such as sprains or strains during high-intensity training.


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